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  Janet Friday
Director of Environmental Sustainability

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The Women’s Climate Collaborative positions women to demonstrate leadership and advance their careers by leveraging strengths, capabilities and skills, while harnessing their commitment to address climate change.

The Women's Climate Collaborative (WCC) was established to encourage and promote the professional advancement of women in the climate and sustainability professions. In particular, the WCC will increase public awareness of the powerful work being done by professional women in addressing climate change.

The WCC's efforts will:

  • Promote Leadership: Encourage and promote the professional advancement of women in climate and sustainability professions, and will increase public awareness of the powerful work being done by professional women in addressing climate change. Provide access to educational materials, trainings, tools and mentorship opportunities for career development.
  • Build Community: Provide both formal and informal settings for women in climate and sustainability related positions to meet, share substantive information and work experiences, establish a collaborative network and develop business relationships.
  • Advance the Field: Be a force in the development and adoption of climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainability related best practices within organizations. Engage in local and global discussions highlighting the role of professional women in addressing climate change. Provide resources and support to members that will benefit them in their professional development.


  • Visibility: Heighten the visibility of women leaders addressing climate and sustainability challenges and the organizations committed to supporting them.
  • Networking: Network among professionals across all job functions and market sectors. Events include a member annual gathering, U.S. and international events, monthly virtual roundtables, trainings and professional development activities.
  • Resources: Reliable, accurate and cutting-edge information covering new developments and trends in sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation management practices, policies and technologies.
  • Professional Development: Trainings on technical topics, management approaches, and tools.
  • Mentor Program: Mentors in the field of climate change, sustainability and executive leadership positions, and opportunities to learn about other fields of environmental practice and serve as an advisor or mentor to young professionals and students.
  • Career Development: Community job boards and virtual network including an online membership directory.

Core Activities

  • Events: Facilitate participation of WCC members in U.S. and international events to highlight professional activities, as well as commitment of your organization
  • Roundtables: Monthly virtual roundtables featuring special guest speakers and facilitated exchanges from within the WCC
  • Newsletter: Quarterly e-newsletter highlighting trends, best practices, trainings and professional mentoring and advancement opportunities
  • Virtual Network: Virtual network where members can interact with one another
  • Conduct Research: Dedicated support from ACCO staff for WCC initiatives
  • Foster Collaboration: Between WCC and other organizations and women’s professional networks
  • Mentoring Program: Design and implement a mentoring program for Collaborative members
  • Recognition Program: Design and implement a recognition program for Collaborative members
  • Fostering Health & Wellbeing: Encouraging creative and interactive opportunities at gatherings
  • WCC Membership Recruitment: Building the WCC network through outreach activities

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